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Runner Safety Workshop at The Runner's Edge

  • The Runner's Edge 111 Fourth Ave, #32 St. Catherines, ON L2S3P6 Canada (map)

Almost daily the media report stories of attacks on runners. Those who fight back are more likely to get away, yet without some form of training, it’s hard to know what to do. Join self-defense instructor Julie Morrill for a 2-hour workshop on personal safety where you will learn how to fight back. The training will include safety tips, scenario discussions, and some empowering self-defense techniques. Bring your sense of humor and sense of adventure.

Multiple workshops to choose from May 4 & May 5. See The Runner’s Edge event calendar for more details.

What Will I Learn?

- How to recognize and avoid potentially violent situations

- How to respond to violent situations

- Basic tools for fighting back, including:

     * The ideal stance to help maintain your balance and get away

     * Basic moves: punches, kicks, elbows, and knees

- Defending against common attacks, such as:

     * Wrist grabs

     * Bear hugs — both arms free and arms trapped

     * Hair pull attacks

     * Being pushed to the ground