Cultural conditioning has fooled us into believing women are vulnerable. How many times have your heard "don't go running alone" or been afraid of walking home at night for fear of being attacked? Enough. You are powerful and stronger than you know. Find that power and learn how to use it!


3-Hour Safety Workshop

Almost daily the media report stories of violent attacks on the street. Those who fight back are more likely to get away safely, yet without some form of training it’s hard to know what to do. Join us for an invigorating workshop on personal safety where you will learn how to fight back. Our basic 3-hour workshop includes safety tips, scenario discussions, and some empowering self-defense techniques. 

What will I learn in this workshop?

  • How to recognize and avoid potentially violent situations

  • How to capably respond to violent situations

  • Basic tools for fighting back, including:

    • The ideal stance to help maintain your balance and get away

    • Basic moves: punches, kicks, elbows, and knees

  • Defending against common attacks, such as:

    • Wrist grabs

    • Bear hugs — both arms free and arms trapped

    • Hair pull attacks

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Safety Workshops for Teen Girls

This 2-hour workshop teaches teen girls self-defense basics. This workshop offers young women a safe, comfortable environment where they can build confidence, strength, and self-esteem. Girls practice how to deal with scenarios women face as they come of age — catcalling and harassment up to violent encounters.

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Safety Demonstration

Want to offer safety tips for your training group before their long run or exercise session? We offer short (30 minute to 1 hour) safety demonstrations to provide attendees with safety fundamentals: maintaining a sense of awareness, projecting confidence, using intuition.

Customize a Course for Your Organization

Want us to customize a course for your organization? We can provide anything from a 30-minute safety demonstration to a 2-day workshop. Contact us to begin developing a course for your group!