Julie Morrill lives in Virginia but travels the world to assist clients in emergency preparedness and personal safety. She conducts safety workshops for women and girls around the world. Her teaching is based in Krav Maga, an Israeli form of hand-to-hand combat and self-defense in which she has been training since 2004 and teaching since 2010. Her emergency preparedness consulting work has taken her to the Middle East, Central America, India, Nepal, and Haiti. She applies her worldwide travels and professional experience to her teaching of self-defense and trains her students in real-world scenarios.


Rebecca Tolkoff lives in her hometown of Brookline, MA where she is very engaged in community through the activities of her four children and her community fitness business, B’Line Fitness LLC. Her passion for healthy living began with a set of nutrition books that came free with the Encyclopedia Britannica set her mother kept in the house she grew up in. Her passion for physical challenges ranges from running to rowing to handstands (still in process). She wants every woman to live feeling safe and strong in her own skin.


Jennifer Finkle

Jennifer Finkle was born and raised in Connecticut and later moved to the Boston area. Shortly thereafter, she began showing tourists around Boston as a driver and narrator for Old Town Trolley.

She started training at Krav Maga Boston in 2004 and began coaching in 2014, certified through Alpha Krav Maga International. Since then, she has been coaching at the Alpha studio in Malden, Brandeis University, and the Brookline Teen Center. At the end of 2017, Jennifer received her second degree black belt with Alpha Krav Maga International.

Jennifer has completed courses in handgun safety at Boston Firearms Training Center. She also has trained locally in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with “Mau Mau” Robson de Lima.

When not kicking friends in the groin, Jennifer works as an RN in behavioral health, enjoys time with her dog, and watches classic movies.

When traveling, Jennifer tries to join a Krav Maga class in whatever city she visits, including New York, DC, Dublin, and Tel Aviv.


Joe Grassia

Joe Grassia is a Risk Management Professional and Subject Matter Expert in Travel Safety and Security. He works with organizations large and small to develop and manage programs to support the safety and security of their mobile workforces. Joe is a qualified Military Police Officer, currently serving in the District of Columbia Army National Guard. He also served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Lesotho, Southern Africa, and speaks conversational Sesotho. Joe lives in Richmond with his wife, daughter, and dog and enjoys staying active, including: combat sports, sailing, hiking, and running.